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Ring Builder

Let your customers become the designers of their own Jewelry with the Ring & Jewelry Builder Feature

Jewelry builder encompasses all elements such as pendant, necklace, earrings & ring builders. This is a unique feature that allows the customer to create their own piece of jewelry from scratch; in a way become designers of their own jewelry. This feature can added to both B2B & B2C Jewelry websites.The following 4 steps are provided to achieve the jewel of your choice:

  • Choose the diamond or the setting first
  • Choose all the diamond attributes such as type, cut, size, color, shape
  • Choose all the settings attributes head, metal, shank
  • Enter your details, make the payment, and get it delivered

360 Degree View of the Product

Add this amazing eye-catching tool to your Jewelry Website.

This module is highly useful and at the same time an eye-catching feature that should be added during your jewelry website development. It helps the customers to see their favorite jewelry product from all angles. This way the accurate customer feedback for jewelry can be obtained by the Web Design For Jewelry Stores and the recommended changes can be made to the final product. Along with this, it is a pleasant visual experience for the customers when they visit the online jewelry store.

custom pricing

Custom Pricing

Change the pricing of Bulk products in a few clicks for your B2B customers.

Dynamic pricing is nuts and bolts for running an online jewelry business. You should create a jewelry website which is built on a very accurate algorithm. This will help to match the prices with all the products available on store. It is difficult to keep changing the pricing for individual products. Therefore, with the help of the Custom Pricing Module, you can change the pricing for the bulk products in just a few clicks. This module helps in engaging your B2B customers.

Product Customization

Product customization has become a “must have” feature in any kind of Jewelry website. Add this feature now!

We are one of the Best jewelry website design companies who can provide you this tool that gives flexibility to the customers to create the jewelry design of their choice. The most important advantage of this tool is that the customer is able to see the finished product virtually even before he/she can see the actual product. This kind of convenience the customer can only get through an eCommerce Jewelry marketplace. Moreover, there are multiple Product customizations options given below that a customer can use to make custom jewelry online.

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Design Library

With our Jewelry e-commerce website Design and Development, create & Maintain a Jewelry Design Library to increase productivity levels by 20-30%.

Jewelry designs are key assets for the Jewelry Industry. The lack of smart technologies results in slow implementation of processes of designing jewelry designs. As an outcome of this, product development or the creative teams have to spend more in achieving the desired output. But, creating & maintaining a Jewelry Design Library helps in increasing productivity levels by 20-30%. The Design Library has the following advantages too:

  • Easy bifurcation between used design and unused designs.
  • Digital jewelry design library helps in searching & maintaining all historical designs
  • Adding Filters to the library help potential customers choose jewelry designs by location, occasions, client type, relationships, moods etc.
  • Virtual design shelves can be maintained separately for different countries, profit centers, trading stations etc.


Attract your potential customers by presenting your concepts & ideas in a creative way!

This tool helps the creative teams of the Jewelry brands to present their concepts or ideas in an artistic way that is appealing to the potential customers. This feature allows the design team to showcase the jewelry collection that they are planning to launch. So when you plan to build a jewelry website, this feature can be achieved through predefined themes in the form of a presentation consisting of jewelry design ideas with visual effects and music in the background. The below mentioned points help in creating this jewellery mood

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Option to change diamond type, size, cut, clarity, price

Quote to Order

Jewelry customers can now keep track of their Price Quotation scenarios. Don’t wait & add this feature now!

The key challenge of the Jewelry industry is to maintain pricing. As various metal rates change on a daily basis, dynamic pricing remains a key factor. With the help of the ‘Quote to Order’ module, you can easily keep track of the price quotation scenarios. At the time of order confirmation, the system will check that all the conditions given during ‘Quotation’ are fulfilled. The following pointers can be achieved with this module:

  • Reduce the chances of errors with automate quote check
  • Maintain history for the Quotations and Orders
  • Design your own approval process for Quotations

Make to Order

Allow your customer to provide jewelry review & feedback digitally in real-time

This module is mostly useful in B2B Jewelry Ecommerce development projects where customers come with specific tailor-made requirements. The key attribute in this process is the “Review and Feedback” feature.This connects the designers or owners of the Jewelry brands with their customers and makes communication easier & faster between them. With the help of this feature, it becomes easy for the customer to provide feedback digitally in real-time on designs they have ordered with the company. The benefits attached with this feature are given below:

  • Easy to maintain design versions and communication history
  • Faster design approval and order processing
  • Understanding consumer behavior with historical comments

Digital catalog

Showcase your entire Product Line to your customers by adding this feature to your webstore.

Jewelry Product Catalogue is required by the sales team to showcase the product line to potential customers. Earlier, the trend was to share a printed catalog with the customers to take orders from them. These days, the jewelry catalog design can be created by the sales team on their own without the involvement of design teams through the help of this digitised tool. The digitised catalog can be easily shared with the customers in any geographical place with a single click.

Reduction in time and effort for creating catalog

Choice of numerous predefined templates

Reduction in costs due to no printing involved

Faster order processing